She’s Baaaaack…

Hello my Lovelies…  How are you this fine Tuesday?  Yes it’s me… yes, I am in a good mood… yes, I am actually smiling as I write this, and no I did not start taking stronger medication or get a lobotomy. Do you know what that means?  Yes honey, I have MOVED!  Allow me time to brag for a minute, just give me time roll around in the afterglow of finally having this stress removed from my life.

The hardwood floors are fabulous, the ceilings are high and glory be to GOD, my neighbors are quiet (so far).    Okay, I’m done.

Now in other news, my dating life (or lack there of).  There is nothing to tell.  I haven’t done any “shopping” online.  End of story 😦  But don’t fret.  The Spring is coming, I have lost some weight and it shows (in my personality more than anywhere  else).  I will be shopping for my cruise clothes shortly and I am always happy when shopping is on the horizon, lmao.

I am back to posting on a regular basis (posting another one in a few minutes) so stay tooned (I know I spelled “tuned” as in cartoon, that’s because I am such a character — lol).

Later Days,




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