I have made a mistake…

I promised myself, I would never be here again.  I would never make this mistake again.  I would never put myself in this position again.  But alas, older turned out not to be wiser.  Now I have to deal with the fall out.  I should know better, now I know, Idk anything.  It’s like they say, be careful what you pray for God may be listening.  He heard me, now… I know what I’m going to do, the question is am I doing the right thing?

Later Days,




2 thoughts on “I have made a mistake…

  1. Oh my gosh…I could have written this post too. I’m begging God to please, please not let me make this mistake again. With “him” or any other man.

    1. Blogging began as a way to vent and over the 1.5 years I have been doing it, it has changed into so much more than that… It has turned into a national fellowship with like-minded, spiritual women… who much like myself, don’t recognize their own strength until is reflected in someone else’s words and seen through their eyes. I thought my mistakes, were just that my mistakes. That I was the only one constantly making them. I am now seeing through fellow (Lady) bloggers from as far West as AZ, south as TX and north as NYC. They we all grow the say way, Think of these ridiculous men as the weeds in our garden. We are not stupid, silly or needy because we want respect, feel hurt, empathy and compassion for others. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you fell in love and experienced it with no walls or protective shields. Feel sorry for him and his farm animal because they have never known love like that before. I wouldn’t change ANY of my life experiences, including the ones that make me cry.

      Prays and love,

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