Is it because I don’t work in a REAL office???

Check me out I went from not posting for a while to posting like crazy in less than a day, Thank you, thank you, thank you Verizon for giving me back my internet.  Although, I am still very angry about you not jumping down Direct TVs throat for messing up my cable service, which means I have had to (gasp) entertain my own family and show my mother for the ten hundredth time how to load the Blu Ray, sigh.

On to the topic at hand.  Why is it when someone else is busy, I understand.  When someone else has a deadline to meet, I understand.  When someone else’s crumb snatcher is sick, I understand.  When someone else is tired, I UNDERSTAND!  But when it’s me, when I’m meeting deadlines, going to parent teacher meetings, Doctor’s appointments, busy or have to reschedule because of work… no one fucking understands?  It’s not because I’m too nice (All who have been following this blog know I am anything but nice. Is it because my bed doubles as my desk?  My bedroom doubles as my office because my assistant is me using another voice or my 14-year-old daughter?  Come on ppl help me out.

The difference between your job and mine.  I can’t call out sick, I have no health benefits and I have no boss or subordinates to blame my mistakes on (unless you count the many voices in my head, one of them actually is my assistant).  It reminds me of when I was a homemaker and later “stay at home mom” while I was married.  A couple of years of that shit and I was haul assing it back to work.  Because I was/am home, when ppl have a day off, they think it’s okay to drop by, she’s home… she’s not busy.  It’s okay for you to ask me if I could watch your brat because he/she got sent home early for fighting.  It’s okay to knock on my door and ask me to look out for the UPS/FED EX guy because you are going out, you have shit to do and I was/am at home all day doing nothing.  WTF!  When I was a stay at home mom and homemaker (two different jobs for those of you thinking I am saying the same thing twice) I had loads of shit to do, thank you very fucking much.  I had errands to run, dinner to cook, homework to check.  Checkbooks to balance, a home to clean, Doctor’s appointments to make and keep, a husband who couldn’t find his ass if it were attached to the hand he jerked off with.  Yes, I am pist for those of you who haven’t figured it out.

I’m not bipolar, if you’re wondering, because the last post (a few moments ago) was uplifting and a little sad.  A little peek into my world.  It’s just that I just got off the phone with another person who has interrupted my work mojo today.  It’s like when I woke up this morning someone had my room bugged because I decided today I was switching out of “move” mode and into “work” mode.  My mother has called me more today for stupid shit than she has in my entire 34 years on this earth.  Every time I started reading/responding to an email she could feel a tugging in her uterus that told her to call me and ask me where the remote was or how to use the coffee maker (uh, I have a Keurig – it’s literally one touch.  You put the little Kcup in the holder and push one friggin button!)  The nurse at my youngest daughter’s school called because my daughter needed to use her inhaler and the one they had at school didn’t have a “script” on it and it is against school policy to let her use it.  After arguing with this chic for about 20 minutes about whether or not I sent one with the inhaler (I DID back in gotdamn October when she went to see her Primary), 20 minutes mind you, that my damn daughter was having difficulty breathing for, while we argued about the damn thing, she let my daughter use it because maybe it had been misplaced, so why not let her do it to begin with and call me or send the paperwork home (again) after the child is breathing properly?  I have had three visitors today, all of which knew this was a “work” day and came over with her gotdamn kids! I got a call from PERRY asking me could he see me.  I asked about his schedule for the week, he tells me he is free today and tmrw but not Thursday through Monday, as HE would be out-of-town for WORK.  I tell him, not tonight, I will be busy working all day today and most of tmrw playing catch up.  “How is tmrw at 7pm?” he says he would rather see me today but tmrw is fine.  He calls me back at 7:30pm tonight and asks me am I sure I can’t come out tonight? YES you insensitive jackass.

All of you know how I have been bitching and belly aching about moving for months now… now I’m moved, do they think these boxes will unpack themselves?  Do they think this company will make it to a “soft” or even “grand” opening on its own.  Are my seminar’s writing their own damn topics?  Do I have an AP/AR, Marketing or PR department someone failed to tell me about?  Is my Novel going to finish itself?  My advice column, is it written by monkeys?  That short story that I am about 5,000 words from finishing will it find new markets online to whore themselves out to… in case you are slow like the assholes I mentioned above, the answer is NO, no to none of the above!

Okay, my keys are smoking from me typing so much so quickly and my head is about to pop off because I am getting pist again just thinking about ALL of the inconsideration that has happened today.  It is time for a retreat, I will book me a hotel for when I come back from my cruise with my daughter (trust me it’s not a vacation by any sense of the word – I will be watching every man and her for that matter, like a hawk.  Making sure the only thing she will be kissing is the damn dauphin she plans to swim with, smh.) After I book said hotel, no one will know what hotel me and my trusty laptop (who doesn’t speak) will be sequestered for the weekend, hopefully there I will get some peace and some work down.

Frazzled and later days,




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