I said I wasn’t going to do it but DAMN IT, U are getting on my last nerve…

As with all ppl I blog about who are in my RL, I am going keep this person anonymous, not because I do not want to embarrass him, not because I know him personally but because he is an asshole and a blogger here on WORDPRESS and I don’t want this idiot getting any traffic because of my damn blog.

My other blog Kayiswrite.wordpress.com, is a strictly anonymous (for the writers), pseudo-advice column. I basically do there what I do here, but ppl are actually ASKING for my advice, where here I kind of just crash into my other fellow (lady) bloggers lives and give unsolicited advice (damn when did I turn into my mother?). There is this nut job, we will call BOB the Builder, for many reasons: 1)On the children’s television show BTB, his slogan is “Can we fix it”, his response, “Yes we Can”… wait an, Ah ha moment – BTB was President Obama’s slogan writer…(kidding, no nasty emails – not in the mood today).

Anywho, this little fucker runs around town (BTB – the cartoon) fixing up this whole town without getting any damn permission from the ppl in his town. Another reason I will call this nimrod BTB is because well I call my vibrator B.O.B – Battery Operated Boyfriend and I wish this asshole worked like my B.O.B. My B.O.B LOVES me (so I will take it to believe he loves ALL women), never argues with me and hums quietly in the background while I handle things I wish this guy would shut the fuck up and just hum.

Lastly, he is BTB because… well, he’s a tool.

Onward and upward… BTB, the asshole stalking me not the cartoon, waits patiently for me to give advice and then swoops in to give his own Neanderthal, shovenistic, misogynistic views on my page (hell yeah broke out my college degrees for adjectives to describe this nut ball). He disagrees with everything I say and tries to switch the subject to sex, not just any sex but pervy, nasty, grandpa sex.

Yup, like that video, just not as funny. To be fair, IFUSEEKAMY.wordpress.com, did warn me and thousands of others by posting about his pervy ass but I had no idea! (http://advinbabysittingmen.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/i-stand-corrected-in-thinking-that-my-ex-was-the-biggest-db-on-earth/)… he wants to argue with you all day long about stupid shit. smh. I don’t give shout outs to dumbasses, so I’m not going to give BTB’s name, especially since I figured his punk ass out. He does it to steal the readers from other ppls pages by undercutting the author’s of other pages. So be warned fellow (lady) bloggers:
Sexy Grandpa may be circling your page.











Later Days,



7 thoughts on “I said I wasn’t going to do it but DAMN IT, U are getting on my last nerve…

  1. Oh man, I admit that when I first came across his garbage *advice* on another’s blog, I went to his blog and read…and promptly needed to schedule a lobotomy to eradicate any memory of what I read on there. He’s just a dirty old man who uses disgusting language to spew what he thinks is G*d’s way and *Christian lovin’* – GAG. I’m not religious in the least bit, but I can’t imagine that G*d wants this perv using his name is such a way to encourage pervy’s ideas of sex (and in some cases, what I would consider rape).

    I’m sorry that he found that blog and is creeping around on it. Gross.

    1. First, Amy let ME apologize, I am sooo sorry for not giving proper acknowlegement to your blog advinbabysittingmen.wordpress.com. I see your email address all the time when we correspond, I automatically assumed that ifUseekAmy was the name of your blog. Again I apologize.

      I was answering the comments he was putting up, about the g-spot on a woman, on my other blog KayisWrite.wordpress.com. He pissed me off so bad that I lost my composure and I don’t do that on that site at all, smh. That’s why I have this site, lol. I ended the final comment with something along the lines of “I will send you a copy of Joy of Sex or show me your GSpot in your vagina, otherwise I finished talking about this subject.” Then it happened… I saw the sexy grandpa commercial, which for some reason my mother finds hilarious. It made me think of him. In the context of that old fart doing some kind of ritualistic dance to woo his hoards of women, I found that commercial funny as shit, which is what prompted the blog. I am also disabling his comments. I really didn’t want to do it for anyone but he’s like an infestation of roaches, he creeps in sets up house and it takes a bomb to get rid of him. Smh. I swear after reading his brand of crazy, I want to take my brain out and wash it. However, I think he’s all talk. I see him sitting in his mother’s basement, typing away on an old ass computer in his underwear, wearing black socks with garters, fulfilling his weird little fantasies, one being his so called profession. Honestly, I believe he is no more in that field of work, than I’m a monk. I’m just glad he never found this blog.

  2. I know exactly who you’re talking about! He’s commented on my site as well as some other bloggers I follow (all female). He is quite creepy and pervy, I must say. All of his posts are about sex, but he’s supposed to be a Christian marriage counselor, I believe. There’s a lot more to marriage than sex, isn’t there? Why doesn’t he address anything else?

    I know you didn’t want to disable his comments, but some people need to be disabled, especially if all they’re really doing is trying to promote their site or being pervy. SMH. As a Christian, I can assert that God wants more for you in your marriage than just good sex. It’s about the WHOLE counsel of God. Stop making Him sound like a pervert.

    1. I think it’s the way he comments, it almost like being molested. He slivers his way into your blog, attempts to gain your confidence and then bam, his hand is up your skirt (he loves talking about those types of pics) and tongue down your throat.

      I have been a Christian for along time. I talk about sex, a lot 🙂 It’s not what he’s doing so much as the way he does it and who he’s doing it to… all women. I have yet to see his name pop up on a man’s site. He also speak about sex and women in a way that makes it feel just down right dirty. It takes a whole hell of a lot to make this girl blush, but when I received his second or third comment, I must admit. It made me blush, gag, and look away all at once, smh.

      1. Yeah, I don’t have a problem with him talking about sex, but if you say you are a marriage counselor and not a sex therapist or counselor, especially a Christian one (which implies you uphold certain principles), your sole focus shouldn’t just be sex–especially just about how women need to have more sex with their husbands and please their husbands. That’s just misogynistic. Two people are having sex and both should be fulfilled from it.

        Part of my blog has a focus on marriage and what makes marriage work in relationships of (currently) over 20 years (to be expanded to include shorter marriages, etc.), and if the sex part is working, it’s not a big deal; other things are. If he’s positioned himself to help people, he should…and not just be a perv! So I guess I have a problem with him calling himself a Christian marriage counselor in totality, as well as the creepy way he gives advice to women on how to sex it up.

  3. WOW!, I finally caught up with your “sister” blog (its pretty frickin’ awesome) but that guy is a psycho. Seriously the way he speaks and spews like he knows a womans body BETTER than a woman?! WTF– I don’t care how many women a man has been with, a good woman STILL will always know her body better. SMH (and I didn’t even go to his blog,I will take the advice on avoiding it)

    1. Please stay away from that man’s blog. I really believe that man has issues. He may have his system setup to decipher IP addresses, which means he knows where you live (shiver). Seriously though, he has issues. Everytime I get a message from him my stomach gets butterflies (not in a good way) and I throw up in my mouth a little, smh. You should see the comments I DIDN’T allow.

      Later Days,

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