One of those days, again…

Idk what I’m going to do about this… I keep telling folks I’m busy and I’m trying to get my life back on schedule. I have put my entire life on hold, MY ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE. That’s Dr.’s appts, that’s school mtgs with teachers, that’s thousands of words unwritten, that is online submission deadlines missed, that is me NOT looking for freelance writing work, that is me feeding my kids that horse shit that ppl call “fast food”, That is me not blogging. There are hundreds of other things I have not mentioned that I have not done and some I have even forgotten I haven’t done and will be reminded when I get the harassing phone calls, smfh.

If you, my dear readers, can understand that, why on earth don’t other ppl, ppl in my RL don’t get this shit? It get’s on my nerves as much as the keyboard on my laptop has been getting on my nerves lately because my spacebar keeps sticking, smh. I have been up for the last three days and I am tired as hell, I did get a couple of hours of sleep today so I am a little less cranky. I have to double-check everything I write because I am so loopy that I am writing strange things that have nothing to do with the topic that I start writing about. If I even attempted to make any revisions to the manuscript tonight that thing would read like a room full of monkeys typed it.

I’m just not feeling ppl in my RL right now. Okay, I’m done bitching. Back to the drawing board.

Later Days,


3 thoughts on “One of those days, again…

  1. As far as the space bar sticking, see if you can carefully pop it off and clean out underneath it, something silly could be mucking it up 🙂 Regarding people and space : Grab snacks and lock yourself in the bathroom. GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  2. Do what I do simply put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign and let then know if the cross it you have cuss outs on standby….lol

    1. I swear the ppl in my life are into pain. They don’t even flinch when I cuss them out, it’s not because I do it wrong, it’s because they’re convinced I am not talking about them. This guy I am/was seeing, whatever. He has a hissy fit everytime he doesn’t hear from me for a day. Yet his ass goes out of town every fucking week. He barely has anytime during the week but because he has taken the time to give me say 5 or 20 mins during the week I am supposed to just drop wtf I’m doing and go running head long into his waiting arms, fuck that, I have kids and a family (a family that I like most days), one of which died in February, one of which got married Sunday, and a few cousins (23 girls to be exact, we’re not even going to count the boys) are wondering where I am and when the hell are we getting together. I also have friends, friends that miss me and want to hang out. So when I get free time does he think I’m supposed to spend every waking moment with him??? Eh, no. I’m stopping here because I’m already pissed and I still have to call him back, did I mention when I do talk to him it’s like pulling teeth? He NEVER has anything to talk about on the phone, he says it’s because he’s not a phone person… so why call everyday *squinting and looking around suspiciously*? Why call me, to sniff and grunt in my ear for like 10 to 20 minutes asking me shit like “how was your day”, when you know all I’m going to say is fine because I realized a while ago you really didn’t give a shit, smh.

      He’s has got to do today! It’s not,he’s never been, worth the aggrevation, it never really was but I felt like maybe just maybe I was being too picky and thought I should give it a try, no I shouldn’t have… didn’t mean to ramble this long.

      Later Days

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