Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kay…

Okay, I wrote that because may be  just may be, you like the folks in my life, have forgotten who the hell I am.  I sit here occasionally and rant/rave, sometimes while foaming at the mouth, with smoking fingers.  Pist at the insanity of the ppl that orbit my world.  This is a virtual shout out to someone who I believe secretly reads my blog and never comments. I think while looking for my advice column he accidentally stumbled upon this blog.  Because like magic if I mention a problem I have or an issue I have with him or men in general his behavior immediately adjusts.  Since you don’t seem to get this when I speak to you via telephone or text, may be you will get it this way.  I would have this conversation with you face to face, however I have just quit smoking and given up coffee, I don’t need to catch a case because I snatched your head off or ripped your heart out…


*disclaimer to my normal readers, If you didn’t understand that, it’s okay it was written in idiot.  If you did, don’t worry your just bilingual.*

You have heard me talk about Perry in the past and after recent developments I figured if nothing else, we could probably be friends, no bullshit.  But this guy, I can’t…  I have told you before my Pop is retired Military, I believe in a MAN’S Man.  Call me what you want, but I was brought up around men who were Alpha types, they didn’t do passive aggressive bullshit, they said what they meant, they meant what they said.  They followed orders or they died, so there was no crying about your boss.  They held doors open for women, they held chairs out for women, they helped you in and out of your coat, they lit your cigarette.  They say things like honor and duty, with no smirk on their face. They believe you stand for something or fall for anything.  And while there were Americans who believed that they shouldn’t have been and shouldn’t be at war, they fought/fight for the right for you to say you feel that way openly.  They say yes sir and no sir and they do it with their chest out, hands at their sides.  So I can’t do pansy ass men, period.  Send your shitty comments, I can handle them, I will not apologize for how I feel about men. I can’t deal with a man who can’t stand up for himself.  I can’t deal with a man who has fucking hissy fits on my vm because I don’t return his calls when HE thinks I should. I can’t deal with whiny ass text msgs “cursing” me out.  You don’t like that I was too busy (at my cousin’s wedding) to answer your call and too tired to call you afterward when I came home, cooked dinner, checked homework that was assigned over the weekend and watching a movie with my girls – two words FUCK YOU.  I jumped through hoops for my ex husband for 7 damn years.  I’m not looking for a new owner.  I have no respect for a man who needs that gotdamn much attention.  I think he doesn’t think I have a job because I do it from home.  Eh, hello, I’m doing something.  My rent on this place is 800 a month, my electric and gas combined is about 150, my insurance is about 200, my cell/house phone/internet/cable run about 250 combined.  So where the fuck am I getting this money if I’m not working a “REAL JOB”?  You blame your need for so much attention on being an only child?  I blame it on you being a tool.

Later Days,



2 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kay…

    1. Thank you for your comments. They have to start being accountable for their actions before society gets any better and WE have stop letting the crap that they do.

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