I really need a boyfriend…

I’ve been writing blogs lately and saving them to drafts.  I haven’t completed any of them because I keep getting distracted and not in a good way.  But that’s not what this blog is about.  I have a FB page and you can ask Amy, I’m pretty boring.  I am not one of those who follow celebrities on twitter or FB.  My FB page was originally created to just keep up with my family (Those of you who read my blogs regularly know I come from a huge family) There are a couple of celebrities I have recently “friend” on FB to find out when a new movie or album is coming out or to get discount coupons or free tickets.  There is one in particular that I follow closely for two reasons.  One of the reasons is because his show’s season starts at different times every year and I don’t really watch the channel except when the show starts.  So I follow his fb status because he has the updates on his page.  The show is called Leverage….

The show has a Robin Hood theme… a bunch of crooks that steal shit back from companies and other thieves who steal from other trusting or intimidated ppl.

The other reason I like the show is because of  this guy:

I’m a sucker for a cute smile.  I also love tall, dark and handsome.

His name is Aldis Hodge.

He’s been on a bunch of my favorite shows.  And recently on a commercial with one of my favorite Basketball Players, Mr. LeBron James.  He used to be on Supernatural, now he’s on Leverage and tonight he was on my other favorite shows – Chicago Code.  After the show went off I get the bright idea to be a groupie and go on his page and tell him he did a good job (I know, who gives a flying fuck what I think right?  Oh sorry, you guys do that’s why you read.  That and you know I’m a tard who is going to do some dumb shit throughout the week that will make you shoot milk from your nose.).  Anywho, I’m minding my own business and a #1 shows up next to my FB tab.  I go back to FB and guess what, he has answered me, not a blanket, thank you to all his fans but “Thank You” to me!  I send back another quick dorky, groupie reply to his “Thank You” and then I go back to his page to see who all he has responded to, thinking he went on his page and thanked each person for their comments about his performance individually, to make us all feel special.  Guess what?  He only responded to me!  I worked in Sports and Entertainment on and off for a total of 8 yrs.  I have never been “star struck” except in the very beginning and that was because I was a teenager.  So when I felt the excitement wash all over me and realized I was smiling for no reason other than a “Thank you” from a stranger, a man I will probably NEVER meet.  I knew then, I really need a boyfriend, smh.

Later Days,

-K. Hodge (see what I mean, lol)


6 thoughts on “I really need a boyfriend…

  1. Ooh…he’s frickin hot. Okay…you better invite us to the wedding! For realz…he might have some hot, single friends.

    Obviously I need a boyfriend too if I’m trying to get your celebrity crush to hook me up. LOL!

    1. We’re sad girl, smh. I’m making plans to drive up and see Amy, your next. The Football season will determine when I come over there… If the season gets canceled, I will come over b4 August. If it starts I will be out there at the end of August, beginning of September.

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