Breaking News…

This just in…  After checking Aldis Hodge’s FB page again to see if he commented on any other comments on his page, (he hasn’t btw and I know I’m turning into a cyber stalker).  I decided to check him out on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to read his biography.  It turns out he is also a military brat (Marine Hoo Rah).  I also found out he was born in 1986… 1986!  Which means, for those of you who are looking for you calculator, he will be 25 in September.  I feel like such an old man with candy in my pocket, telling a little girl to sit on my lap, smh.


One thought on “Breaking News…

  1. for those of you who subscribe, I realized after I posted this I wrote the wrong age for Aldis but was way to lazy to edit until today, lmao. Forgive me… Just think I worked in finance for years, let’s hope I didn’t make those types of mistakes while I was, lol.

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