Why ask why???

We often wonder why.  Why do ppl treat each other the way they do?  Why do ppl take others for granted?  Why is it easier to tear someone down than to build them up?  Why can’t I find the person I want to share my life with?  Why is it our significant other the only one who doesn’t appreciate me?  But why are we asking these questions?  Most of the time you already know the answers to your questions and just don’t want to do the heavy lifting.  We are so busy asking why, that we are failing to act.

Why worry about what you can’t control instead of simply moving forward?  The problems we face are really quite simple to fix but we just don’t want to put in the work to rectify the situation.  The thing is, it normally means hurting someone else’s feelings, removing someone(s) from our lives or fixing something about ourselves.  So I am going to help you out, I going to help you move forward today. The reason you haven’t gotten those ppl out of your life or began working on yourself yet is for one reason and one reason only, you’re not ready yet.  When you have had enough, when you are ready to change, you will.  It’s just that simple.  If you think it’s financial, when you are ready, you will find things to cut out your life that are just luxuries and you will find the money.  If you don’t have a job but want one, when you are ready, you will stop thinking you and your Degrees are too good to work at McDonald’s or CVS, you will go fill out an application.  If your Mother is driving you insane, you will figure out what battles are worth fighting and which are worth walking away from.  When you are tired of your boyfriend/husband/lover showing his ass, you will show him the door.

At the end of the day, you can have whatever you want.  Peace, money, a new car or better job.  When you’re ready.  Have a great day and Happy Easter.

Later Days,



4 thoughts on “Why ask why???

  1. You are so right Kay…you were very encouraging through the whole Sir meltdown…you always made me feel like wherever I was in the grieving/healing process, that’s where I should be…and I shouldn’t ever feel guilty for not being further along. 🙂

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