Just thinking…

I was watching the Stepfather today and if you haven’t seen it I will give you a brief synopsis without giving any real details away. Man marries into different families and when they “let him down” or his façade slips, he murders the whole friggin family. This genre of horror movie came out back in the 80s, when screenwriters were trying to scare the holy hell out ppl using ordinary ppl. Movies like The Dentist, Stepfather and Lisa all were about these suburban men who were seeming perfect and then goes about slaughter all the unsuspecting women and children who love them. Stay with me, I swear I am getting to a point.

It seems this genre is starting to become popular again but for a different reason. When these movies originally came out they were scary because we could never phathom Mr. Cleaver (wtf was that man’s name) going nuts and killing Wally, June and the Beav but these days ppl are having such a problem with rejection and reacting so insane about said rejection that these movies are like a cautionary tale (I know one of the worlds longest sentences). The book I’m writing even has this kind of message, “be careful who you take to bed these days ladies or someone will get you” The man in Middle Management has become the Boogie Man. I noticed this with my ex’s exgf. She was mad because he started dating me so soon after their breakup that she decided stalking me (via cellphone and fb) was the way to get him back. I told a guy once, I didn’t want to see anymore after two dates and he threatened to have his nieces “beat me up”. Then there was the guy who, when I stopped returning his calls after he called me a bitch “playing” during a conversation. He started calling me from unlisted numbers and payphones. *Sidebar – to even find one payphone in Philadelphia takes fucking effort, this crazy found at least five (he’s the reason I don’t answer numbers I don’t know and part of the reason I don’t answer unknown numbers)*. To top it off, when he could no longer reach me by telephone, he started writing me letters! Letters! Finding a mailbox is even harder than finding a payphone in Philly, smh. Anything I ever sent by snail mail up to that point was sent from work, using my hand dandy mailroom.

So here is my PSA… YOU CAN’T MAKE SOMEONE LIKE YOU, LOVE YOU OR BE WITH. The love stories ant these comedies, where the guy continuiously sends texts, emails, flowers. Shows up on her job, at family reunions and other various affairs, eventhough she is constantly rejecting him and telling him to go to hell, they’re just movies PPL. In RL this is stalking. Even if this did work, why would you want to be with someone who makes work that fucking hard. Okay, I’m done.

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3 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. Really his name was Ward??? I would have went apeshit and killed Wally, the Beav and June too if my name was Ward, lmao. WTF could that be short for, lol.

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