okay where’s Ashton Kutcher?

Am I being Punked?  I was on OK Cupid last night answering some of their stupid ass questions (no judging I was bored), if you use the site you know that there are a billion questions added daily by the site and other users, so you are NEVER finished answering them.  No matter how many you answer they have a little box to the top right hand corner of your screen which tells you that you have an 88.9% chance of being matched or in my case a 99.8% chance (yes ppl that is how many questions I have answered – funny how men keep showing up in my damn quiver that I have rated 1 star).  While listening to Weeds (first season), which was playing on netflix on another tabs.  I was going through profiles and suddenly I get a message from a guy.  We talk for a while and I get curious enough to go through his profile.  He’s fucking 20 years old.  When I bring it up, he tells me “age is nothing but a number”, lol.  How many times have we used that line when we were young.  Forget the fact he is 6 years older than my oldest daughter.  Forget the fact that he’s 14 years younger than me.  The worst part of this whole thing is he is the best conversation I’ve had in a while. SOOOOO sad.

Later Days,



2 thoughts on “okay where’s Ashton Kutcher?

  1. LOLOL!! 20 is mighty young my friend. But no judgement here! Just last year I went bike riding with two…yep, two…guys under the age of 23! Yay me!

    1. Yay you is right! The thing is I remember men in my 20s. They were usually superficial, selfish, irresponsible, never wanted to be accountable for their actions and were a pretty fast and bumpy bike ride… rather the long, leisurely, smooth ones I like to take now, lmao. Remember when Carrie had the sex injury in SATC? I get a crick in my neck if I sleep wrong, lol.

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