I hate the first warm days in Philly :(

I am the Grinch who stole Spring when it comes to spring in Philadelphia. They sound of your first warm days in Philly are ATVs (4 wheelers to philadelphians) and motor bikes. Little kids screaming and hollering all day (today was longer than most because this is a week of half days with the PSD) and evening. The sound of basketballs pounding the pavement, loud music blaring out of open windows (both house and cars). People yelling up the street at ppl standing on the corners, Mother’s yelling at their kids to get out of the street, instead of walking their lazy asses out to the street and getting them. This settles down after a while, until school lets out and then it only last until July because by then it is too fucking hot to be out before the sun goes down. I can’t wait for July, smh.

Later Days,


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