I really wish…

I have been doing a lot of match searches on my profile(s) lately and below I have compiled a list of things I wish guys would do and why…

I wish guys would:

Stop using their “funny” pics as their profile pics – It doesn’t come off funny, if comes across as weird or sometimes even creepy. I am searching for a mature man, over 30. To see a pic of you that makes it look like you are eating one of your animals is just plain… weird. To see a profile pic of you in drag (because it’s your halloween costume) makes me move along. I have no problem with cross dressers, I just don’t want to date one. Since I have to actually click your profile to read the caption, Halloween 2007, it comes off… well not for me.

Stop holding up pics of their damn animals – Because of the way the pic is cropped you look as if you are molesting them.

Stop making their profile pics the ones of them drinking and every other pic a pic of them drinking – You look like an alcoholic!

Stop insulting women in their summary – Look you never know a person is nuts until they show you they are nuts. And News Flash, crazy ppl don’t know they’re crazy. It’s not cute writing down all the things you hate about other profiles you have read. Look it’s online dating, you are not ordering a pair of shoes online. You are not guarenteed a perfect fit, stop being so damned lazy. Take the time to get to know ppl, if you look at these profiles and think nope she smokes, nope she’s too short, nope she doesn’t have a college degree… you may miss out on a great woman. Also, reading in your profile “what you can’t stand” about women or what you think is “ghetto”, is really annoying. It’s like listening to you talk shit about your ex.

Men would say in their summary, I only want to date the same race or a specific race- It doesn’t make you a douche bag or a racist because you only date within your own race or a specific. I don’t have a preference for race, so to go through your whole damn profile, to find this out, well it’s annoying as hell. I have found a few that do specify race, I love it, it keeps me from wasting anytime on someone who wouldn’t be interested in me anyway.

Men would stop using group shots for their profile pics – This makes me think you’re trying to put one over on me. Why are you trying to make me guess which one might be you. I tend to be pessimistic when it comes to dating. If I have to guess which one is you, I going to guess the ugly guy.

Men would stop using the pic which makes their hygiene look questionable – Look, I think Michael C. Hall is sexy as Dexter (except for the mutilating ppl part) but he has a shaggy look about him on the show, you can really only get away with that look on TV or from women who have questionable hygiene.

Please, Please stop using chest shots as your profile pic – This leads me to believe you are a “Buttahead”, everything looks good on you “but your head” or that you are looking just to “hook up”.

I think that’s all for now, if any of you have anything to add, please do…

Later Days,


2 thoughts on “I really wish…

  1. I love this post! I did something similar a few weeks back on my blog, but aimed at women’s profiles. Nice to have the other perspective. Thanks.

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