Maybe I don’t come off right…

I am on OK Cupid and a few other sites, everyday. At first there was lots of interest in me but I think it was because I was the new kid on the block. Now, not so much. Yesterday, I rewrote my profile. I did come off a little boring. When it asked what I am doing on a typical Friday night, I said curled up on the sofa reading a book or watching a movie. Could I be more boring *in my best Chandler Bing voice*. I changed that to something stupid like, there is nothing typical about me – I know, I’m smfh right along with you.

I’m thinking maybe I need to put some new pics up. Some sexy (not naked) pics up. The thing is, I really don’t go anywhere except when I travel once a month and I haven’t done that since last August. But even then what kind of pics do I post? Any thoughts? For me, any pic that doesn’t make the guy look like a convict or serial killer is good for me but what are guys looking for? I have a degree in finance, I know dick about PR or Marketing. I’m not good at self promoting either. I just know how to be me. In my RL, ppl find me über funny and smart. I get hit on at least once a day (mostly by married men or guys in a relationship). I’m confident and witty but how to bring that across in writing about yourself without sounding bitchy, sarcastic or conceited? In a conversation, even one through text/email/blogging, I convey this well but that fucking “About Me” section stumps me. I have decided that maybe I don’t come across well on paper. It took me years to master the perfect resume, so why can’t I do this?

I decided, a few months ago, that I was going to try speed dating because I come across better in person but what if I don’t come off all that great in 5 or 15 mins? (however much damn time they give you) And then GGD has me afraid to try it, she gave me a weird warning… she warned me about OK Stupid too but did I listen? The funny part is, I can/have been matching up couples for years successfully but don’t do too well for myself. Some matchmaker, smh. Well, I signed up for two different speed dating events and we will see how that turns out. I know the number one reason I really don’t meet anyone is because I don’t really leave home/work that often. I am here taking care of my mother or working until the wee hours of the morning, only surfacing to buy groceries, laundry detergent or cigarettes. I drive less than 10 miles a month. So I either gotta get my “about me” game up or get my black ass out the house more.

Okay, I’m going back to work…

Later Days,


2 thoughts on “Maybe I don’t come off right…

    1. hey there Evie – evie, how are u making out with all those twisters???

      About your comment… Online dating is pretty much the same as RL dating, just condensed, lol. Don’t think of it as looking for Mr. Right4U. Look for Mr. Right Now. You just came out of a relationship, the only thing you would really find anyway is Mr. Rebound. You probably wouldn’t find the kind of guy you like on Match anyway… Go to the places you like to go to and look for Hottie McHottie there… I myself have to get ready to venture back out into the big bad world because not only do I have a problem coming off well on paper, I think the guy I would like to deal with would as well.

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