I refuse to APOLOGIZE!

Hello my wonderful readers and fellow bloggers. I have been in and out of cyberspace dealing with my RL bullshit (I was going to say BS but I didn’t want you all to go searching the web trying to figure out what RLBS was, lol). Anywho I have been on a few blogs, some on my blog roll and some not and I have run across about 6 with apologies in them. Apologizing to their readers or some random douche, who happened to come across their blog, read it and not like what they’ve read. Then they post snarky comments or whatever, to which the author of the blog apologizes for offending the chicken shit commenter. So here is Kay’s PSA for FRIDAY (I might keep this up and make this a weekly thing. Not to mention it has a catchy name).

I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE! You have subscribed to my blog, you have googled, bing’d or dogpiled me to get here. These are my thoughts. In RL I use my filter. Here I don’t and won’t. If you don’t like something I say, fuck it. Move on to some other single woman’s blog, there are hundreds of thousands of them on wordpress alone. I really don’t give a shit. I am not blogging for my readers, I am blogging for me. I want to get somethings off my chest that I choose not to share with my RL, friends and family. I come here to be “frank”, to express myself and do it guilt free. If I meet great ppl here or help someone, it’s a plus. If someone else can relate to me, wonderful. But ppl who don’t, tough shit. I will continue to do so until WordPress shuts me down. So if you don’t like my blog, feel free to use the back button. You won’t be missed.

Later Days,


4 thoughts on “I refuse to APOLOGIZE!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have no problem with ppl expressing themselves, hell I do it daily on here. What I have a problem with, is ppl reading how someone else feels and trying to make them feel like a bad person or trying to make them feel stupid or ignorant. If a person has to step on someone else to make themselves look bigger and feel better, then they need to get rid of their fun house mirrors so they can take a better look at theirselves.

    1. Get a rubberband and put it on your wrist. Everytime you apologize, snap the rubberband. Negative reinforcement, I used it to stop smoking cold turkey when I was pregnant with my daughters. Everytime I wanted to smoke I’d pop the rubberband. My wrist was red as shit for about a month but it worked,lol. I’m not saying don’t apologize at all, just I refuse to apologize for me being my fun-loving, drinking, smoking, joke telling, brutally honest, quirky- self. You don’t like who I am, don’t come around me 🙂 Because I definitely won’t seek ppl out!

      Love you too!

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