Reality Television, smh…

It’s official… although the world didn’t end on May 21st at 6pm, television definitely did… it’s officially Summer because Teresa Giudice was screaming on Bravo. The Real Housewives of NJ (RhoNJ) has begun again. When the entire franchise began (in Orange County), I started watching with morbid curiosity (like a train wreck or car crash). Not to see how the better half lives (because they are soooo not the better half, they’re ppl that “fell” into money.) but to see what the hell Barbie Dolls did after little girls went to bed and turned out the lights. Turns out, they drink too much, start/get into fights (screaming matches) and spent way too much money on clothing. They’re the equivalent to a drug addict who has become a lottery winner. The shows were bad but still funny to watch. Now they are just ridiculous. Nee Nee from RhoATL has taken her show on the road by going onto the Celebrity Apprentice, smh. Then there is the new season of RhoNJ, which I mentioned earlier, is trasher than all of the shows in the franchise put together, smh. You have the Manzo Family which is the equivalent to the Cleavers. Then there is the Giudice Family, the are well… smh. There use to be Danielle “What’shereface”, she lied faster than a cat could lick it’s ass (and did porn tapes that were “leaked” online. Now you Have Teresa Giudice’s Brother and Sister-n-law (who looks eerily like Teresa) and Teresa’s cousin (shady bitch if I ever saw one). She’s sneaky and instigates like a school girl, all the while acting as if she’s putting “the family first”.

Watching the first episode for the season made me wonder why I ever watched. What it didn’t do, was make me want to see it ever again. It makes women look as if no matter how old we get we will always be 12 yr old girls looking for a Bestie.

Later Days,


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