in the mood for Italian…

Even though they have been getting a bad rap lately on shows like Sopranos, RHoNJ and Jersey Shore (those shows depict Italian Americans in the same awful light as RHoATL does Black women), I love Italian men. Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL races of men (I’ve dated just about every nationality) but I love Italian men for some reason. It could be for many reasons, a part of it has to do with me living in a part of Philadelphia that was primarily Italian American during my younger years. I love when I meet a first or second generation Italian American man who speaks both English and Italian fluently. Give me one that likes to go out dancing and can cook and I am hooked. I think I am having these feelings lately because I have been thinking a lot about a guy I used to date right before my divorce became finalized and I have been missing one of my besties lately (she was Italian American). Maybe it’s because I read Evie’s post about Spaghetti the other day. Whatever the reason I think I will be doing my shopping at the Italian Market for a while 😉

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