Assuming makes and ASS out of U and Me…

Truthfully… it only makes one out of you. Why is it that if you support something, someone makes an assumption about your character? Why can’t it just be that I believe if it’s not harming anyone, go for it? Or that decisions about your life should be made by you. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose. This doesn’t mean I have had an abortion. What it means is I believe in the Constitution. I believe you never know what has happened to a woman (rape, molestation, incest) to make her choose abortion, it’s not ALWAYS used by women or girls who were irresponsible with their bodies or who have made poor choices.

I believe that if a gay couple wants to get married, let them. It doesn’t make me a lesbian, it means that if it truly is a sin before GOD that it’s between them and GOD, I have my own sins to atone for. It means I am part of a race that (not too long ago) were considered property and our marriages weren’t valid. It means that if you don’t want a gay marriage you shouldn’t marry the same sex. I believe there is enough hate in the world over stupid shit and ANY expession of love is wonderful.

I believe that AIDS is not GOD’s way of punishing ppl for their sins. If it were, the whole world would be infected. This doesn’t mean I am not a Christian!

I believe that I should have sex when I am ready and not by some stupid ass rule system. It doesn’t mean I’m a whore (I can count on two hands how many sexual partners I have had and still have had LOTS of GREAT sex). It doesn’t mean I have low self-esteem (because frankly no one but GOD loves me as much as I do, lol). It doesn’t mean I have one night stands and it sure as hell doesn’t mean that I view sex as a sport!

I believe in spankings. It doesn’t mean I spank my children or that I abuse my children.

I also believe in being myself, being responsible, being educated, being well read, being accountable for my own actions and smiling & having a good time even when it looks like all is lost. So before you judge me know this, I don’t give a rats ass how people perceive me because I already know who I am. Love me or hate me… either way you’re thinking of me.

Later Days,


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