Bored silly…

I haven’t been doing much, which is why you haVe been getting bitchy rants from me. I have been trying to decide what to do. I have two laptops that have crashed in the last 11 months. sigh and smh. SIDEBAR*DO NOT buy a Gateway NV, the NV series battery overheated once and burned my stomach (leaving a nice burn mark). The socket broke, shortly after being repaired, the motherboard shorted the hell out. The other NV I purchased 4 months later, died a few weeks ago. I know electronics aren’t made like they used to be but damn… can I get it to work longer than the warranty they give you standard?

In other news: I am taking a LOOOOOONG overdue vaKAYtion. I found a cheap cruise to Cozumel and I am on that sucker. I booked it the other day. It is the Monday after Thanksgiving (for those of you who don’t know, my oldest daughter’s Bday falls on Thanksgiving every 6 to 7 years and my youngest daughter’s Bday is just 11 days before that) So between throwing two bday parties and cooking/hosting Thanksgiving (I have done it every year since 2002) I will need a vaKAYtion. When I come back I will be in Christmas mode.

In a couple of weeks I will be the proud guest of Super 8, motel 6 or some other motel-to get my head on straight. I have to make some really tough decisions. That will require a “mom” free environment. One that consists of no phones ringing, no one screaming my name through the house. No one asking to go outside. No Title fights to referee, no beds to make, no clothes to clean. It will just be me and my “borrowed” laptop, my budget and a bottle of Grey Goose. Hell I may not even wash my ass or hair during my stay. Hopefully when I return home on Monday, I will have all the answers. SIDEBAR* As I type this, I have had to stop three times… Once to close my bedroom door because my mother watches the tv so loud you think you’re at the movies and twice because she called me downstairs to tell me the movie was good and once to ask me to put on another movie- (my youngest daughter is sitting right next to her, sigh). I have to find more freelance writing gigs, those of you who write know that writing freelance articles don’t pay that well.

So I think you are all caught up… there’s 20 minutes of your life you’ll never get back, sorry, lol.

Later Days,


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