still bored shitless…

The combination of this heat and really having nothing to do is driving me insane. There’s really nothing for me to do until I make my decisions about my future endeavors. I am beginning to feel the onset of cabin fever setting in… I am also tired of people who can’t be by themselves or entertain themselves, calling me ever friggin day with nothing to talk about or telling me the same shit they have been telling me for months now. Give me the internet and a book and I am fine and dandy. I’m bored but not from having nothing to do but from not wanting to be do what I have to do, if you get what I’m saying. I could do laundry or clean my windows or hell, empty my inbox but I choose not to do busy work. I’m just lying around in my PJs and catching up on different televisions shows that I don’t watch with grown ups around, like Hell Cats and Vampire Diaries. Don’t judge. I also have seen Twilight: Eclipse for the fifth time.

Sorry for boring you again today, maybe something will happen that has a greater impact on my life than the Final Episode of Smallville and I will blog about it, until then… this is all you get, lol.

Later Days,


One thought on “still bored shitless…

  1. Umm…there is nothing boring about Hellcats and Vampire Diaries thank you very much! Those happen to be two of my fave shows!!! Does this make us really immature…or really cool?

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