Just can’t stay away…

I know I have been boring lately but somethings have been going on. My heart has been doing some strange things. It’s been trying to fall in love, blah. I hate when this happens, especially when it’s with someone I think I shouldn’t love. We will discuss it later folks. Some of you know I had a miscarriage in April or May (I block bad memories) and one before that in August. The thing is because of the way I’m built internally (for all the guys that read I won’t go into details) I have had a total of (I think) 9 miscarriages. I was told at the grand old age of 14 yrs old, that I would never have children… Thing is Dr.s guess, it’s a good guess but that’s all it is, hypothesis is what they like to call it. They make these guesses based on other ppl in your situation. Thankfully I have 2 beautiful daughters (the hypothesis was wrong). This weekend after a great time at Dorney Park (an amusement in Allentown, PA) with my daughters and riding every death-defying ride in the park (my favorite is now the Hydra), in 4″ heels btw, with my girls, I came home and enjoyed a quiet BBQ with my family. I ended up in the hospital after being in extreme pain, after dinner. Now let me break it down for you, I am no wuss. To prove that fact the Friday before Easter Sunday, I was frying fish. My mother’s friend startled me causing me to drop fish in hot greese, which splashed up and burned the shit (second degree burn) out of two middle fingers. I had blisters for a week and I still don’t have all the pigmentation back in those fingers. Same day I ended up in the hospital, I stepped on a hot coal (barefooted) from the grill I was cooking dinner on. So I have an extremely high pain thrushold, so much so that I gave birth to my oldest daughter on my sofa while waiting for the paramedics because I waited for the “real pain” to start before I called. So when I say I’m in pain, it’s no bullshit. Anywho, I find out after two ultrasounds and a CT scan that I have Fibroids on my right ovary. The same side that I had the tube removed. Because I didn’t think I had anything over there besides my appendix, I was worried. The fibroids explains the miscarriages.

With all that’s going on, it’s a wonder I’m not nuts. I was trying to blog for a few days now but I wanted to get some rest. So my question is have I lost all my readers yet, lol.

Later Days,


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