Everytime I forget, someone is ALWAYS there to remind me…

so I am searching profiles, reading them.  I was taking my time going through them (I normally don’t) I look at pictures, if you are kind of cute, I check to see if you think all smokers should be lined up and executed (I am a smoker for those of you who don’t know).  If you don’t then I will send you a quick email.  I am very paranoid when it comes to dating, primarily because I have a house full of women (two daughters and my 60 year old mother live with me).  So after we exchanged names, I do something most ppl will find weird but (unfortunately) I have had to cancel a couple of dates because of what I found.  I search the sex offenders database for the guy’s name.  Yup.  I said it.  If you have ever been to that site, be warned it will scare the shit out of you.  If you are one of those ppl that know all of your neighbors, unless you have children or have children visit your home.  I suggest you stay the hell away from that damn site.  It will surprise the shit out of you who is listed on there and for the record, it is NOT all men.  So watch out for Granny Goodie up the block, there’s a reason she ALWAYS bakes brownies for the neighborhood children.

Anywho, I wasn’t planning on writing about that kind of perv today.  I was going to blog about another type.  That just kind slipped out (that’s been happening a lot recently).  I was actually searching profiles today as I started to say earlier and was very infatuated by this handsome gent.  He was so cute, I decided to read his WHOLE profile.  Do you know this guy (after proclaiming he is the best father ever – to a girl) had the nerve to admit if there was no way of him getting caught, he would grope a woman he found attractive, if he were on a crowd bus/trolley/subway.  He also admitted that he believed that there were times when women WERE obligated to sleep with him.  Um, do you think he would come up in my search.  Probably not.  Just when I forget that weirdos can look like everyone else.  One pops up to remind me…

sorry for the ramble.

Later Days,



One thought on “Everytime I forget, someone is ALWAYS there to remind me…

  1. Haha, there is also an App for that…you can literally drive down the highway and have all the sex offenders pop up– its horrific.

    Creepy people are everywhere some days at work I imagine the nicest coworkers are the ones that have secretly tried to touch little boys- its awful.

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