okay here we go again…

I am plunging head first back in to the cesspool dating pool.  I have been cooling my heels about dating because I was starting to hate it.  I have never liked dating in the past but here lately it has become a real pain in the ass, not to mention I was getting depressed doing it.  I was looking around at the available men in Philadelphia and honestly all I could think was, is this it?  This is what I have for options.  These men could be my children’s step father? I would have to grow old with this?  This way of thinking has, however, forced me to delete yet some more folks (men) from my cellphone and life.

They are so sad really.  They tell you what they want. You give them what they want and then they want to treat you like shit.  Oooooor they don’t have their shit together.  Why is a grown ass man still living with his mother at fucking 40?  Why does he think this is acceptable?  I think they think that because my mother lives with me, that I live with her… does that make sense?  Here’s the difference.  I pay all the bills.  When I decide to move (although I may get her opinion) my mother has no say where I move to because she LIVES WITH ME.  My mother does not wash my clothes (or hers for that matter), she doesn’t cook unless she wants to (not often) and has never had to clean my house.  So I think as I said before because my mother lives in my home with me and my daughters they think I have never left home.  Which makes them think it is okay to come to me with a bus pass and living in mama’s basement “apartment”.

I’m getting pist just thinking about all of this, when all I came on her to say was… wish me luck.

Later Days,



One thought on “okay here we go again…

  1. I have to admit- I gave up on dating- Was focusing energies elsewhere for a bit (health,family ,friendships and getting out in the sunshine)

    I wish you the best of luck, you need a man who can laugh with you as well as support himself…I wish it wasn’t so much to ask for! lol

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