Kay’s weird dating life… or lack there of, smh.

Okay, back on the dating horse.  I am still seeing someone on and off that I met on OKSTUPID (GGD‘s great name for it).  Since we have gotten no where near relationship status, I still have an active account on there.  I have met a couple of great guys on there but they have yet to “pull the trigger” and ask me out.  So I have been getting a bunch of lame ass texts from two of them and a phone call from one guy, I will call the invisible man.  I call him that because he calls me a bunch of times, has hour long conversations with me and then poof disappears. Only to materialize a few days/weeks later, I know weird. Everytime I tell the invisible man we need to get together, he says “yeah we sure do.” and never sets the date. W.T.F! I am not playing coy or anything. I am saying point blank “we need to go out”, he agrees and then… nothing. What is wrong with guys in their 40s?

In other news: last Friday, I went out with one of my Besties. He is one of the greatest DJ’s in Philadelphia. He uses the computer version of Turn Tables (which are awesome) but he also has the old school ones for his old shit. He uses the computerized version for stuff that may have just come out or for stuff that may just have become a top 20 but he says “nothing beats wax” and I must agree :). I digress, we go out dancing Friday night (well I danced and he watched and bought me LOTS and LOTS of drinks), this guy starts hitting on me and he yells at the guy to “stop talking to his date!” UM, WTF? That has never happened before. I mean I have heard him refer to me as his date before but it’s normally when he’s trying to rush someone (he doesn’t want to talk to) off his phone. “I’m with a date” or “I’m on a date” but never directly. We go out ALL the time. Whenever I’m not in a relationship (quite often) he takes me out on Valentine’s day, to lunch for Mother’s Day or for dinner and drinks on my Birthday. I return the favor Father’s Day and his BDay. We have done just about EVERYTHING together (including an occasional bike ride – don’t judge). He’s never in a relationship because he doesn’t believe in them. He’s been gun shy of them since we met almost 11 years ago. So that was in a word… awkward.

Back to Friday, I end up going with him to work. He’s spins at this cheesy after hours. I swear the place is held together by gum and popsicle sticks, lol. But the drinks and food are cheap (even though I would cut my tongue out and eat it before I ate there). I met a few guys there… I decided to flirt away from the DJ both after what happened earlier. I got a couple of numbers but again, nothing substantial. I got the number of this cute Cambodian guy but all he does is text me. We’ll call him Dr. Suess because his name is in one of my favorite Dr. Suess books and he was trying to rap (really at 30ish). A cute white guy we’ll call LOCO because, some ppl who know him call him that and a funny looking but sweet black guy, we won’t call him anything because he has yet to return my call. I normally wouldn’t have gave it to him because his game was w-e-a-k but he was nice and as I said sweet, so wtf.

Well you are now caught up.

Later Days,


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