Still swinging for the fences and seeing nothing but balls…

Okay I admit, the title has nothing to do with my post but it was funny as hell when I typed it, probably because I was thinking of hitting a few guys in the balls with a bat.

This post is actually more of an update. I have a very busy weekend ahead so I doubt if I will be able to blog at all until Monday or Tuesday. Here’s my schedule (I don’t care that you could careless but you came here to listen to me bitch about my boring ass life, so deal): Thursday – Johnny Mañana’s… by the name you can guess it’s this fabu Mexican restaurant. They have excellent empanadas. My mouth is watering just thinking about them and I always lie and say it’s my BDay to get free BDay cake shots (if you have never had them, try it). Friday – I am going to an Afterwork Party in CC Philadelphia. I love CC because it has such a great pulse but that pulse comes at a very steep price. The cost of two drinks is equal to a car note. So you guessed it, my 36 DDs are going to be on display (don’t judge). Saturday is my mother’s 60th bday party (which every other day she cancels and/or changes her mind about what she’s wearing). Sunday I am having a cookout for my girls and their friends. All of that means I will be hopping like Peter friggin Rabbit. I will probably be in a coma until Tuesday because I plan to be 80 proof everyday except Sunday. Gotta keep an eye on the kids, their squirrelly little ppl.

I just noticed I got completely off topic (smacking forehead). I was giving an update: Dr. Seuss is in a word, a loser. He’s happy that he makes 17,000 a year. Uh, he has a four year old. He was kicked out of high school for smoking cigarettes in the boys bathroom, they let him come back because he was in the 11th grade and they kicked him out again because he was, wait for it, was smoking again (not really buying this story but I don’t give a fuck). Oh, did I mention that he has NO intention of getting (at the very least) his GED. Fuck you call me a snob. He is also very proud of the fact that he has a 2000 dollar fund in place for his son, should he decide to graduate.

Next we have LOCO, he never returned my call. Then there is the funny, sweet guy. Yeah, I never called him and I think I deleted his number. Oh and Perry is being a dick right now. I’m assuming it’s because he’s probably seeing someone else. Which is cool with me because we aren’t in a relationship. But stop making up lame ass excuses. The reason I think he is seeing someone else is because there was a time when I got a text/call every morning and every evening. Now I barely get one once a week. He was always riding me (get your mind out the gutter) to come over or go out.  Now, nada.  For those of you who are thinking he’s acting this way because I rode his bike, screw you. I did it months ago and this is new, recent behavior.

So you’re now all caught up. Here’s hoping I catch a couple of fish without a net this weekend (as the old folks say).

Later Days,



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