Here’s the deal…

Okay other than OKStupid, I haven’t been putting myself out there dating wise.  When I started online dating there was only one dating site and one “hook up” site for it.  It was taboo and embarrassing to admit you online dated.  So much so, it took me about 6 months to put my pic up.  I was scared to death someone I knew would see it and think I was desperate.  I remember putting my pic up for the first time and going back to the site about a week later to see I had 200 messages.  That of course was a got damn glitch and I actually had about 2 or 3.

Since then online dating has become less taboo and actually is the way lots of folks meet but in that time I have scaled back.  I felt like I was wasting my month every month paying these sites for the same weirdos I can meet in real like for about $20.00 (my drinking tab at a dive bar).  Here it is though dear readers, I am getting older and my pool of attractive, available is getting smaller.  Add to that the older I get the more selective I get.  I say all of that to say, I am going to renew me email dating account with  It’s the oldest but I believe most equipped to handle what I am looking for…  I got to get out of this damn rut I’m in… I keep meeting the same broke ass, immature guy, every where I turn.  Which means, lately, I have been turning in the wrong directions.  So match will be pimping me out again for the first time in almost 8 years and we’ll see how well I do because Lawd knows I am tired of seeing the same loser ass profiles on  Even when you tell those assholes you aren’t interested they send you the douche in a quiver match.

So I’m closing my eyes, handing my wallet and jumping back in.  Wish me luck.



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