Sometimes you do get to see ppl get there’s and sometimes you just happen to be the one to give it to them…

*Disclaimer – this is going to be a VERY immature post, on the level of na-na-na-na-naaa… You’ve been warned.*

Okay so a little while back my ex, TV Guy broke my heart.  I did something I never really do and that’s let him in…  I fell hard for him and he screwed me over.  I knew it would take time but I would finally get over him.  It took until almost until this winter to totally be free of him (in my head).  Someone quite close to me works with the douchebag (which was part of the reason I had trouble letting go).  Even though I told her repeatedly, I didn’t want to know who he was dating, what he was doing or even how he was doing… she would often bring him up in conversation.  Next thing I know we’re talking about him, then I’m bitching about him and finally missing him, later calling or excepting his calls.  Idk about other women but my best way to get over a guy is to quit cold turkey.  No contact what-so-ever.  No text, no calls, no going to places we used to go (I might bump into him – unless I have an extremely hot and successful guy on my arm – YEAH, never happens).  All friends and family know his name is off-limits, so are any topics or memories that involve him for at least three months.  Sounds crazy but it works for me.  I normally remove all old texts (especially the “I love u” ones) from my inbox, delete all messages and take down any pics if there are any.  No reminders of good times.  Again it works for me.  So when this person continued to bring up his name and things, I had to cut her off as well.  First she played dumb as to why I wasn’t returning her calls and texts.  Then it must have gotten to her because I get a long FB message in my inbox (gotta love social networking) telling me I am being “childish, petty and extremely immature” (hmmm thought that’s what childish was…) Anyway, I digress.

After a while we started talking again (after my TV GUY exorcism was complete) and things started going back to normal.  Then a few weeks ago we went out.  After a drink or two she whips out this picture of this guy (on her phone) she used to have a huge crush on in high school and later hooked up with when he was drunk quite often after they graduated.  After each hook up he would feel guilty and call/text to apologize for using her, at which time she would ALWAYS profess her love and he would tell her he loved her too… as a friend.  Said guy also had a girlfriend.  Now as I’m looking at the pics, I am wondering why she has pics of him AND the girlfriend on her phone.  That’s when I notice, it’s not pics… it’s a SLIDESHOW that he sent to ALL of his friends and family to announce (you guessed it) his marriage(the previous weekend) and baby that will arrive this Fall. OUCH.

Today, I’m minding my own business, catching up on Breakout Kings (Idk why I bother any show I seem to like gets canceled).  I see my toolbar flashing (indicating new fb message).  It’s my friend’s guy.  He friend requests me.  No biggie right? He asks about me and the girls, again no biggie right.  We chat about what he’s been up to (mind you, it’s on my wall no INBOX sneaky shit), he asked did I hear he was married… yup.  Baby… yup.  To both I congratulate him.  I ask if he registered, he tells me yes and his wife’s name so I can easily find it.  More shits and giggles and I end it by saying, “I have to get back to work, my prostitution ring won’t run itself, lol.  Next thing I know I get a message from my “friend” calling me a slimy bitch!  I ask her wtf she’s talking about, she says she saw the whole conversation, duh.  So did everyone else, it was on my wall.  I didn’t accidentally send you a cc on the message.  She goes on and on about how if I truly cared anything about her I wouldn’t want anything to do with him because I knew how much he hurt her. W.T.F.  I remind her of her ongoing relationship ( they hang out and shit) with TV GUY and how I didn’t care about them hanging out I just had asked her to not tell me.  That I needed that time (when I had asked her not to mention him) to get my shit together and she thought it was crazy then, how is this any different.  You know what she said?  That I was “childish, petty and extremely immature”.  Yup, some friends I have…  I then told her to fuck off.

I warned you…

Later Days,



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