Ready… Set… go… uh oh :(

Okay we all know I have been getting ready for the cruise that never came.  I was supposed to go on a cruise to the Bahamas with my oldest daughter as a way of showing her how proud I was of her previous year’s grades in school.  Due to her poor behavior I took away said cruise.  In taking away the cruise I also took away my motivation to lose 30 lbs by June (yes the one that just passed).  Next I was going to take a cruise to Cozumel in November but since I am returning to school – boo, I canceled that cruise as well (so fun being responsible).  So I had zapped all attempts and motivation to get off my fat ass to lose these damn 30lbs… until, I saw my legs.  This summer in this gawdawful heat, I have been attempting and (mostly) succeeding in walking 2 miles a day.  I have also been eating salads like crazy, since we eat pretty healthy (truthfully – I feed them healthy and I eat junk) it wasn’t a big transition.  Their favorite so far is my grilled chicken caesar salad and my taco salad.  We eat them for lunch and a light dinner.  I have substituted most soda drinking with cucumber water (surprisingly sweet) and lemon water.  So my legs and my stomach have gotten tight over the last month and a half.  Today (instead of working) I went thorough all my “skinny” clothes and could fit a lot of them, yea me.  So to reward myself, what am I doing @ 12:23 am EST, you ask.  Cooking brownies and making ice coffee, I know… I know.  Back to planks, treadmills and bicycle crunches in the morning… oh wait, I have been avoiding them too!

Later Days,



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