it’s the little things…

I am broke as a joke…  I have been, pretty much all month.  Even though I have gotten paid by a lot of my freelance gigs, I had my mother’s 60th Bday party this month and a shit load of bills.  Not to mention, when I enrolled in school recently and filled out my financial aid papers online, it was discovered that although the principle on my student loans had been pd the damn finance charges had not been paid in full and are now making finance charges of their own ( gotta love this country).  I had to make arrangements on those which came with a hefty down payment.  I had to pay back money I had borrowed leading up to my payday so I could keep such luxuries as my lights on.  To top everything else off, my deadbeat ex husband is now taking me BACK to court for ANOTHER Child Support reduction, did I mention the bastard only pays $48.50 every two weeks (when he feels like it) as it is, from a previous reduction. So as I was saying I’m broke.

Today while cleaning out my closet and getting my dirty clothes together, I started going through my pockets.  I do wear a purse but my ID, credit cards and money stay on my person.  Since I have recently washed all of the above, I now check all of my pockets.  This process takes a moment because I have OCD, my number is three and I have now made this part of my “check list” (If you don’t know what that is, look it up… I’ll wait).  Anywho, what did I find in the last pair of jeans I searched? First $5 in my right back pocket, then $10 in my left back pocket and lastly… you guessed it $5 in my front pocket.  Yea me! Also one of my freelance gigs realized they underpaid me and sent me a check for a whooping $12 yesterday (yes that was sarcasm btw).  So that brings my grand total to $32 in found money.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, it’s the little things.

Later Days,



4 thoughts on “it’s the little things…

    1. Things come in peaks and valleys. The Valleys always look worst than the peaks because they are deep and you can see what’s coming but once you clear that hurdle your golden. I just looking for the peak. But Thank You for the words of encouragement.

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