Can’t delay it any longer…

I have to clean my bedroom/office.  It is a sty or at least my version of a sty… I have OCD, so I live in organised chaos.  If you were to come in my space you wouldn’t understand where everything was but I would know precisely where to find what I need (having OCD it would piss me off if you touched my stuff anyway).  But this has gotten out of hand, I was looking for something a while ago.  I had to leave for some afterwork party that I never made it to and I never put the shit back.  Why you ask?  Because it would take a day or two to do.  I have to put everything back in it’s “proper” place, otherwise it will drive me insane to see it in the “wrong” place.  So today is the day.  I can’t ignore (step over) the mess any longer, sigh.

In other new, the guy Perry that I am always contemplating dumping, I haven’t heard “Boo” from him since the other day.  It really doesn’t bother me not hearing from him (or anyone for that matter) but it irks me that he runs hot and cold.  One minute he is texting me night and day, day and night.  Calling like crazy and now, complete and utter silence.  When he does call/text again he will open with his usual, “High Stranger”.  If I’m not busy, I’ll go out with him but I stopped putting things on hold and rescheduling things to go out with him about 3 months ago when I realized there wasn’t going to be an “us”.  Like I always say he’s a nice guy but there seems to be no chemistry.  There’s no chemistry because even though we have been going out and “other things” for about 6 or 7 months, the time we have spent together may be totals about a month and a half of dating.  We’re still kind of awkward around each other.  You know how you are when you first start dating someone and you’re not sure if you like them, yeah… that’s where we are…

More news I have met two new guys one is retired USAF, gotta love that and the other is an artist.  Gotta love that too.  I like them both and we are in the “talking” stage.  We haven’t decided if we will be going out yet.  Trying to get a feel.  So as always, I will keep you posted.

Later Days,



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