Shopping always makes me feel better…

Although I am cash poor, I’m credit ready, lol.  I ordered a new chair for my living room and a rug.  I also ordered a new (cheap) Dining room set.  I have been putting off ordering furniture for the house because I haven’t found anything that was both nice and cheap. was having a sale so I found the above mentioned items and some other stuff, for under $600.00, score.  Which of course means I have yet to clean the frat house (my bedroom/office), lol.

In other news Rembrandt (artist guy from OKSTUPID) sent me his number yesterday and I decided to text him today.  I got an enthusiastic “Heeeeeeeeeeeey, you just made my day.” That really pumped up my ego for today.  We have been chatting via text on and off all afternoon.  He asked about my day (a plus) and my daughters (ALWAYS a plus).  I want to meet him and Airforce 1 (The USAF retired guy).  But I don’t want to rush it.  I like to get a feel of you before I waste time getting beautiful and combing my craptastic luxurious head of hair.  Air Force 1 won’t be back in Philadelphia until September (great timing), we will have a little over a month to get to know each other.  Meanwhile Rembrandt is here so I might go out with him week after next (after pay-day).  I always go out with at least enough for cab fair and my drink money (in case I need an emergency exit).  I’ll also need something new to wear because I have nothing to wear.  I am too small for my “big” clothes and to big for my “ED.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you posted.

Later Days,



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