That’s how they get you…

I have been using for a while, out of all the douches men on the site I have actually found 5 that I liked enough to email.  Out of the five, I have met one in person, Perry.  See previous blogs to see why that’s not really nothing to write home about.  The other four remaining douche bags, two just up and stopped emailing me after about 2 or 3 days of emailing back and forth.  The other two, Airforce 1 and Rembrandt, have made it to the final rose ceremony and asked for my number.  I text with Rembrandt often through out the day.  Airforce 1 I haven’t heard from since our initial phone conversation.  Here’s the thing I hate speaking to ppl over the phone before they have met me in person.  Why?  Because I have a deep and misleading voice.  My voice makes me come across as a 600 lb man pretending to be a woman, lol.  So I normally text until after we meet because then it gives ppl a chance to get used to it.  Ppl always assume my voice is heavy because I smoke, wrong.  I inherited this sucker from my mother.  I sound just like her, so I’m told.  Ppl often call my house and mistake me for her.  So I don’t know if I scared off Airforce 1 or he’s just was turned off by our conversation or lack there of.  Whatever.  He’s in another state until September anyway, so by then I probably would have lost interest anyway.

In other news (and relating to the title of this post), I told you guys that I have decided to rejoin  The truth is I haven’t really decided.  I am just in the planning stages.  I have put a recent pic up on the site, I have answered all the questions but I have yet to pull the trigger.  Why? Because I’m trying to justify the cost.  I was on 8 years ago.  I got all of maybe 2 dates off of a 3 month trial.  Around that time, they had just started the “if you can’t find a date in six months, we will give your pathetic ass 6 more months for free” deal.  I was pissed because I should have opted for that instead of the way I did it, two 3 month memberships.  Just to save money because I doubt I would have gotten anymore dates than the two I had.  So I’m trying to decide if I want to give it a whirl or not.  I figured out how they sucker you in, you setup a free profile.  That allows you to do everything but send an email (basically you are allowed to browse).  You look through the pics, they show you all of these accomplished men who are sexy as hell.  Then you sign up.  After you do, all those sexy ass men that were interested in you, that you couldn’t contact, mysteriously disappear.  That’s how they get you “Bait and Switch” oldest con out there.  Knowing all of this and given my past history with the question is, “do I want to get, got?”

Later Days,



2 thoughts on “That’s how they get you…

  1. hey there! i found your post after tagging one of my posts as online dating. I have also tried okcupid 3 times and run after a few weeks. I agree with you about the guys on there, they are douche bags who do not know how to read lol anyways i wish you luck in all your dating endeavors =]

    1. You know online dating is like being in a night club all night long for one week straight at closing time, lol. You look through the pics the same way you see guys after a few drinks. There are going to be a lot of jerks anywhere you find a bunch of men gathered. The trick is finding the nice guy in the crowd. That is something I have been unable to do thus far. I wish you luck in your search and I will be sure to check your blog out in between my bitch sessions 🙂

      BTW, thank you so much for your comment.

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