Well ain’t that about a bitch!

I checked my email and noticed I had an email from this cutie on OKSTUPID.  I sent him an email Thursday or Friday.  Not only did he take his sweet time answering me but he also sent me an email meant for someone else… for your viewing pleasure and my humiliation:

Lol sorry. I’m new to okcupid and I didn’t feel comfortable with updating my profile. Your very pretty! Lol, but u don’t look 22 though. What part of jamiaca are you from? I’m born here but all of my family is from Jamaica too. St. Anns to be exact. How long have you been in amercia?

First let me start by saying, he’s a tool because he either didn’t read my profile or he cut and pasted this into a message box and forgot to edit it to fit me…  I have no problem with the latter, I do “template” emails too.   The other reason he’s a tool.  If a woman tells you she is a certain age (which I didn’t, I never lie about my age), it’s NOT A fucking compliment to tell her she doesn’t look her gotdamn age unless you’re telling her she looks younger.  She’s knows you’re blowing smoke but at least she doesn’t have the urge to snap your neck.

Later Days,



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