One I didn’t tell you about…

We’ll call him Morocco because that’s where he is from.  I really didn’t think much of him because 1) he was visiting family in Morocco (apparently he has two children there and I believe a few brothers and sisters) and I didn’t know when/if he was coming back to Philly.  2) I’m kind of leery of African men because some African’s don’t really like African-Americans too much.  They see us as spoiled and they believe that we waste a lot of our opportunities.  I have dated a couple in the past and I don’t really care to be lectured again.  3) he was sexy as hell and normally, when I meet a guy I find extremely attractive, they tend to not feel the same way.  Give me a guy I think is fugly (check Kay Speak) and he won’t go away, he’s proposing marriage on the first date, he wants to buy me a car and give me his pay check, lmao. 4) He’s a full-time student and he works about 3 jobs.  When the hell is he going to have time to date my ass?

Apparently, though Morocco has found himself smitten with muah.  He must have “favorited” me on the site because whenever I’m on for more than two minutes he sends me an IM.  We were IM’ing tonight when the site started living up to its name and acting stupid.  I couldn’t get anything through except emails (which I hate because it takes to damn long to get a reply).  We always have good chats via IM.  Tonight, after about a month of IM’ing(I log on about twice a week so it’s not as long as it seems) I gave him my mobile number.  He called, we talked, I laughed with him not at him (rare for me – I’m normally laughing at you, you just don’t know it).  As we were bringing the conversation to an end, he says “I really would like to meet you face to face.”  Since he just came back from Morocco with a layover in Paris (lucky dog), I figured he’d be seriously jet lagged.  Not to mention the time difference.  So I tell him, I’m not available this weekend (I’m such a lying whore, I have a birthday party – I may/may not attend Saturday but other than that I’m free) don’t judge.  I also tell him I’m taking the girls to the shore next weekend but I will be free on Thursday or Friday of next week.  Why you may ask am I making him jump through so many damn hoops?  I have a REALLY bad habit of bending over backward for ppl.  I do it so often ppl, after a while, start expecting me to do so.  If you need me to do something, I move my schedule around.  If you want to see me and I have plans I cancel them.  If you need money, I juggle bills around until I can accommodate you.  I decided when I broke it off (TOTALLY) with TV Guy this year, no more bending over backward for ppl who weren’t at least holding my feet.  So, because I don’t want to be drunk off my ass all weekend long, as far as he knows I have plans this weekend.  I don’t want to rush back from the shore the following weekend (yes, the Jersey Shore – hanging head in shame just thinking of Snookie) because I want the kids to have a great time.  That leaves him Thursday and Friday of next week (the 18th and 19th) I am sure if we start dating I will have to be patient and work around his schedule for work/school.  So damn it he can do some hoops for me now before we start.  I do like this guys personality and he’s nice on the eyes.  Now if he has a big bike, likes to ride, he’s a gentleman and he can put up with my shit… he’s a keeper, lol.

In other news (what did you think I was done?)… Rembrandt hasn’t called me or texted all weekend, I STILL have yet to hear from Airforce 1.  I guess I can put a line through their names.  Now I’m done.

Later Days,



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