The chase…

Well today I received an email from Airforce 1, very generic.  It said something along the lines of “… I hope you’re having a good day…” WTF?  I haven’t heard from you since our telephone conversation and then you just reappear with a BS email to my profile’s email.  He has my mobile number and my email address.  Why would you send an email there?  Whatever.  I am not one to chase a guy.  If I call/text/email you and I don’t get a response, I won’t attempt to contact you again until I hear from you.  I have gone years without speaking to someone and then when they call out of the blue or bump into me at some random place and ask why I haven’t called, I simply reply “I did, you never called back.” or “you said you’d call me back.”  I know it seems weird but honestly, if someone is interested, they will contact you.  Nobody is quite as busy as I am, if I can squeeze in 5 mins. to contact someone surely they can take 5mins to respond.  Maybe this why I’m single *shrugging*.  I just like to be chased, I like to be courted.  If a guy doesn’t think I’m worth it, oh well.

In other news Morocco also emailed me today.  He said he really enjoyed talking to me and that he hopes I have a good time at the party, WTF again.  So I send him back a text that said, “so you don’t plan on talking to me until next week?”  I’m still waiting for a response, douche.

In other, other news.  I still haven’t heard from Perry.  It’s been almost a month now.  What is wrong with these guys and their communication skills?  I will probably never know.  Idiots.

Later Days,



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