Old dog, new tricks…

I can stop bitching for a minute. No, my sinuses and allergies aren’t any better.  No, I haven’t found any extra money anywhere (this week).  I have gotten a new bike, we’ll call him Cannon because he looks like Nick Cannon.  Who’s Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s Mister.  This guy…

um, yummy right?





A SHINY new bike… with VERY inflated tires.  My bike is 9 years my junior.  It wasn’t expected and I may kick myself later because I am definitely eating where I shit.  He is nice, kind and quiet.  I love the fact that he’s quiet.  And boy can he ride.  I know, I know.  I’m bragging.  I know NOTHING screws me up faster than bragging about something  but damn it you guys have all been witness to my many minor break downs recently.  I’m laughing (for the time being).  I’m enjoying his company… right now that is more than enough. Anything else, I can wait for.  Is he the one, um IDK.  Do I care, um no.  Am I happily sore because of all the bike riding I have been doing for a week?  Hell yeah!  Do I care if it’s a little slutty, fuck no and I don’t care who judges.  A few of my gfs have been down to look him over and I have heard some very snide remarks.  Fuck ’em.

I need to go soak, I am taking a ride again tonight.

Later Days,



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