Throw Back to the 1960s…

I haven’t bought a bathing suit since my youngest was 2.  She will be 11 in November.  I also have not been bath suit ready since then either.  I have lost all of the weight I wanted (by mistake) in the last couple of months, all but the final 15lbs.  I expect that to be gone soon as well.  So I have been bathing suit shopping.  Why the devil do damn near all bathing suits only come in two piece or skirted?  I am not “two-piece” ready and I don’t want to look like Lucille Ball at the beach either.  The one pieces that I do come across, show no cleavage (wtf) and pretty much have a turtle neck and long sleeves.  I have to find a bathing suit between now and next Saturday.  My only hope is that it isn’t online because I will have to pay next day or two day shipping 😦

In other news….  you knew it was coming, my shiny new bike is beginning to annoy.  Why because I forgot how new bikes can squeak.  He talks A LOT! and of course since he’s 25, the conversation is ALL ABOUT HIM, smh.  I forget, was I that narcissistic at 25?  I doubt it because by then I had two daughters and I couldn’t really afford to sing the “me me me” song because I was busy singing the “we” song, sigh.  The funny thing is, I have spent my whole life running from my family.  Trying to be my own person.  Every time I moved away, they would end up having to live with me.  What gets me more than anything is, when my mom and dad first got married, my aunts and uncles all lived with them at some point.  All I remember growing up was my parents bitching about it.  But by the time I was 20, they were living with me.  I found them an apartment.  I moved to Overbrook (the part of the city Will Smith is from) and they moved in with me again… when I left there, I moved into a beautiful home in West Philadelphia and they moved around the corner.  I was able to live alone for maybe 2 years and then, my parents got sick and now, my mother lives with me.   WHEW, deep breaths, lol.  I have totally moved off topic.  But after typing all of that I see why he’s annoying me.  Even playing a video game with him can be annoying.   Something will happen, I will say oh cool you got such and such.  He goes on some tirade about how great he is at it.  He may be speaking about something, if I don’t agree with his viewpoint, he changes his.  So sometimes it’s like having a ventriloquist act.  Bike rides are still great but the pixie dust is starting to settle and I’m starting to see him for him.  Not sure how much longer I will be with him but we’ll see.  I have a bad habit of doing this… when someone starts to get close I start finding all of their flaws.  I’m going to sit tight and wait this one out though.

Later Days,



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