Once an Adult, twice a Child…

No truer statement has ever been uttered.  There are days when my mother becomes my 3rd child.  She argues with my children, picks at my children and basically drives me insane.  This generally happens when she’s not feeling well.  I try to be understanding but it can be a bit much.

In other news trying not to be annoyed today. Trying to enjoy the fact that my home is not currently relocated to the Delaware River due to Hurricane Irene.  Trying not to blow my top.  Pray for me.  I will do my best to try not  tolose it.  Yeah I know good luck with that… smh.  I will be in a vodka induced haze after about 9pm tonight, so you know these 5 hours will drag like RuPaul.  I am being summoned again, so I will ttyl.


Later Days,



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