Hair, Hair, Hair…

The girls are going back to school next week, I know… I know, I think the kids in Philadelphia go back to school the latest.  Anywho, when you have two daughters in the house going back to school is a big event only rivaled by Fashion Week in NYC.  I have to do hair and buy the perfect accessories to go with Maroon and Navy Blue uniform shirts.   Not to mention the hair has to be “perfect” or their lives are “over”.  So this is our “trial run” week.  That way any errors or wardrobe malfunctions are caught before school starts.  This week I am Relaxing hair. I am curling hair, trying on different uniforms (to see if they are too short or too tight).  We have also been getting our schedules back on track.  I can’t wait for them to go back to school because they have been driving me insane these last couple of weeks because they have been missing their friends.  I tell you this though, next week can’t come fast enough and I will probably be shitfaced by tonight at midnight and if I never see another piece of hair again it will be too soon, smh.

Later Days,



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