Cleaning out my inbox is a BITCH…

Hello all… Due to Hurricane Irene, I have had no internet, no cable and way too much time on my hands, smh.  I have, however, had time to type over 20,000 words for my novel, it has changed direction again.  Made (temporary) amends with my ex (my youngest daughter’s father that I sent to jail for domestic abuse), enrolled in school (again) and have become friends with my neighbor who is an extremely funny Drag Queen from Africa.  When I have finally given the book I am writing to my agent, I will definitely pen something about “her” and her boyfriend.

As you can see without access to the outside world I have been extremely productive.  The girls are “tucked away” in their school schedules so my days are pretty free again.  I will be starting school in the Winter 1 semester if there aren’t any unforeseen circumstances.  The young bike I was riding is now given away, lol.  I got tired of the constant maintenance.  Having a boyfriend or bed buddy for a single mom can be like having another child, which is why I wasn’t in a rush to get into another relationship, even though I am still looking for Mr. Right for me. I am still quite busy as you can see  and am trying to find time to update that blasted advice column that my stupid ass decided to start a while ago.  Since that bitch Irene hit the East Coast I haven’t been online except once (using above mentioned neighbor’s internet connection) because  I used that time to update my status on Facebook rather check my inbox, I had over 2000 emails.  I would love to tell you that 1500 of them were spam but only three were 😦  So I have dedicated today to inbox cleanup day. My neck, back  and my hands are all sore.  I took a break to blog and to catch up on all of my favorite shows I have missed, including the season finale of True Blood,(any other fangers out there scream OMG at the TV when it ended.)  I hope to be through them by tonight and to be caught up on my sister/brother bloggers’ lives by Sunday Night (You guys have been busy while I was away 70 emails were just from you guys).  So you can look forward to my cynical, paranoid and strangely hilarious comments in the next couple of days.

Being without internet made me feel like I was in the dark ages, so glad to be back.

Later Days,



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