My aching back…

I am just about done cleaning out my inbox.  I thought I was done with this bullshit when I left Corp. America but alas, I’m not.  I have been catching up on Weeds on Showtime today, I only missed about three episodes, and I have been looking for a new Bed/Desk.  My bed is killing my back, right after I had my oldest daughter I was rear-ended by some asshole on a rainy day like today.  I was so concerned for my little one (she was about two months old) I took her to the Pediatrician but never went to the Doctor’s for me to be checked out.  Apparently, I found out a couple of years later, the accident may be the cause of my lower lumbar pain I experience constantly.  And since I either have insurance and no time (because of the job providing the insurance) or time and no insurance to get the problem totally checked out and (if possible) fixed.  I do however make sure I have an excellent bed and frame (most times) and I try to do Pilates everyday *Sidebar, if you have back problems, Pilates is for you.  I feel like a million bucks whenever I do it.

I digress, I bought a cheap and cheesy bed that I have been sleeping on for the past six months ( I have a habit of throwing out the bed that I have had when I’m in a relationship when the relationships over, crazy I know) I just got around to getting rid of TV Guys bed recently and the replacement sucks!  I wake up in pain just about everyday.  So now I have been on all day looking for a replacement because I just can’t take it anymore.  PS, I eff love, they are cheap about a $100.00 more than in stores but they have excellent customer service, great warranties and nice shit.  The other customers are adamant about posting likes and dislikes to their site (I have never been steered wrong by them) and man can they be brutal.  So I am bed searching.  If any of you guys have a suggestion about beds, please feel free to shoot me a comment.  Too many more sleepless nights because of back pain will send me over the edge.

Later Days,



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