Monthly Archives: December 2011

The bitch is baaaaack…

Hello Darlings, I have missed you all (6 readers).  I have been busy with school crap and haven’t been dating much, so I didn’t post much because I know you had enough of my bitching in 2010.  Okay so nothing much has been going on as far as dating.  I have been walking the aisles looking over what’s there and eh, not all that impressed.  I know I am no Supermodel or anything and honestly I don’t think I’m all that picky but I just don’t see anyone that I would want to go out for drinks with, so you know dinner is out of the question.  But here’s a shitty thought.  I have been looking through my maybe pile of profiles and even contact one or two here or there with no response.  I mean seriously, on a scale of one to ten, looks wise these guys maybe a 4.  Intellectually, maybe a 5 at best (one of them spelled “going” g-o-n-e-i-n-g, I shit you not).  And I can’t even get a shitty ass wink.  Upon having these thoughts I realized something.  Outside I am a sweet, lovable, single mom.  On the inside I’m as bitchy now as I was in high school, smh.  Maybe I should have titled this one “The Bitch is still alive and well” ;(

I’m leaving shortly for SC to look at Assisted Living Facilities for my ‘rents.  I like the two I am going to view, at least on paper.  I want to also look at a couple of Communities while I’m there.  I’ll be gone for about a week.  My next trip down will be to look at the Middle Schools in the areas I want to live and High Schools.  I will also be looking for a new PCP and Dentist for all.  Fun, fun, fun…  Even more fun since I gave up drinking for a while to shed my last nasty pounds.  I have thrown a few back recently due to insomnia.  Nothing like three quick shots to make you go night- night, lol.

Well that’s all you have been missing and about 10 mins of your life you’ll never get back.  Sorry bout that.

Later Days,