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What should I call myself now???

With my move to SC being imminent, I have officially changed my locations on my profiles to be Myrtle Beach, SC.  So now the question of the hour?  What the hell will I call this blog?  It’s Fun Philly for a reason, it was snappier than Fun chic in Philly.  So should I be FUN Panther for the Carolina Panters?  Maybe FUN Myrtle?  FP sounds like a coy way of calling myself a cougar and Fun Myrtle sounds like an old lady trying to get laid, lol.  Such hard decisions, lol.

Now in other news, school is kicking my scrawny ass.  I just celebrated my 35th Birthday Friday.  My ex bf sent a friend request to my FB page(not TV GUY, although he called) and wished me a happy day, I returned the favor today because he turned 37.  I looked at his pics and posts and see he is still the womanizing, drunken, pothead he was when I called it quits.  Although he was all those things, he was also funny, a great bike ride and well that’s it, lol.

I went out with Perry Saturday, rather in… did I mention a while ago he told me he loved me?  Yeah well he did.  Which doesn’t really amount to shit because he doesn’t really take an interest in me, I’m basically a 2 year biking buddy.  Of course he denies this but, really I find it quite annoying being as I hate ppl lying to me, be straight up, don’t play with that word.  I think it’s the reason I don’t really like to be told it or try not to tell other ppl, except my daughters.

Not much else to tell, will keep you posted, you can always chime in and tell me what I should rename this blog.  Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Later Days,




You may think rejection is a bad thing but it’s not.  I remember when I wanted to go into the USAF (United States Airforce for those of you who don’t know) and they REJECTED me because of my Latex allergy.  I was going to fight it, started to, was ready even to sign a waiver and then the World Trade Centers and Pentagon were bombed.  I remembered thinking at the time they rejected me, how unfair it was but we went to war a few months later.  I may not be here (physically or mentally) for my daughters had I have fought it the rejection.  Then, I wanted to become a Police Officer.  I remember thinking, there has been less than 200 murders of Police Officers in Philadelphia since the Early 1900s.  Then it became open season for Police Officers here…  I also remember being heart-broken when my ex husband cheated on me but then I realized we were way too young to be married.

I’m saying all this to say… every time you are passed over for a promotion or you have a miscarriage or even get your heart-broken it’s because there is something greater for you or you may just be dodging a bullet (literal or actual).

So don’t get upset when Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong or you don’t get the job you were promised.  It’s all part of the plan.

Love and later days,


Idris Elba

Okay let’s forget the fact that he’s easy on the eyes (let’s face it, he’s hot!).  Let’s forget that I love his accent and his movies… but now, I’m addicted to Luther!  It’s his television show on the BBC.  Even though they aged him for the role 😦

I read his interview in Essence Magazine recently and fell even more in love with him.  Not like my other pretend boyfriends.  I would love to find a man like this… Look at his pic and then scroll down a read a post off his from facebook.  I mean what is not to love?


“The greatest gift for a man is the true love of a woman; strong, intelligent, beautiful, sincere help-mate. Nutin’ betta!”
I wish I could find someone like this.




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Pls don’t take offense…

I’m not the type to play a race card… AT ALL… buuuuuuuuuut…  It is mighty damn hard to cyber date as a black woman (which is why I began the process of starting a Match Making site geared towards a black woman’s needs – just ran out of funding, story for another day).  Here’s the deal, if you are a black woman on Match, Okstupid or Eharmones… u are going to receive maybe, MAYBE, one email or two a month.  Here’s the truth, I don’t give a rats ass what color a man is.  I’m Black and Irish, you look at my dad’s side of the family we all look the same just different colors.  You look at my mother’s you’ll find out where my (if left undyed) red hair and freckles come from, so if a man has a penis, no drama, respect and no stalkers I’m game but it doesn’t work that way on the male side.  Most (not all but most) men are on the site to meet white women.  The few black men that are on those sites to meet black women look like they were hit in the face with a hammer (being nice) or are apeshit in the head (cray cray for those that don’t speak Kay yet).   Don’t believe me, think I’m being prejudice or making this shit up.  Make up a bullshit ass profile, use a pic of Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, Tisha Campbell, Tasheena Arnold or that crazy chic that played Angela (Tasha) in Why did I get married.  Make sure u use your current profile info and see how many hits you get, don’t worry I’ll wait……….. okay now check back next week when your newness wears off and see how many you get, again – I’ll wait…… See I told you.  I am just bitching, I will build a bridge and get the hell over it but until then

Crazy Days and Later Days,