Pls don’t take offense…

I’m not the type to play a race card… AT ALL… buuuuuuuuuut…  It is mighty damn hard to cyber date as a black woman (which is why I began the process of starting a Match Making site geared towards a black woman’s needs – just ran out of funding, story for another day).  Here’s the deal, if you are a black woman on Match, Okstupid or Eharmones… u are going to receive maybe, MAYBE, one email or two a month.  Here’s the truth, I don’t give a rats ass what color a man is.  I’m Black and Irish, you look at my dad’s side of the family we all look the same just different colors.  You look at my mother’s you’ll find out where my (if left undyed) red hair and freckles come from, so if a man has a penis, no drama, respect and no stalkers I’m game but it doesn’t work that way on the male side.  Most (not all but most) men are on the site to meet white women.  The few black men that are on those sites to meet black women look like they were hit in the face with a hammer (being nice) or are apeshit in the head (cray cray for those that don’t speak Kay yet).   Don’t believe me, think I’m being prejudice or making this shit up.  Make up a bullshit ass profile, use a pic of Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, Tisha Campbell, Tasheena Arnold or that crazy chic that played Angela (Tasha) in Why did I get married.  Make sure u use your current profile info and see how many hits you get, don’t worry I’ll wait……….. okay now check back next week when your newness wears off and see how many you get, again – I’ll wait…… See I told you.  I am just bitching, I will build a bridge and get the hell over it but until then

Crazy Days and Later Days,



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