You may think rejection is a bad thing but it’s not.  I remember when I wanted to go into the USAF (United States Airforce for those of you who don’t know) and they REJECTED me because of my Latex allergy.  I was going to fight it, started to, was ready even to sign a waiver and then the World Trade Centers and Pentagon were bombed.  I remembered thinking at the time they rejected me, how unfair it was but we went to war a few months later.  I may not be here (physically or mentally) for my daughters had I have fought it the rejection.  Then, I wanted to become a Police Officer.  I remember thinking, there has been less than 200 murders of Police Officers in Philadelphia since the Early 1900s.  Then it became open season for Police Officers here…  I also remember being heart-broken when my ex husband cheated on me but then I realized we were way too young to be married.

I’m saying all this to say… every time you are passed over for a promotion or you have a miscarriage or even get your heart-broken it’s because there is something greater for you or you may just be dodging a bullet (literal or actual).

So don’t get upset when Mr. Right turns into Mr. Wrong or you don’t get the job you were promised.  It’s all part of the plan.

Love and later days,



4 thoughts on “Rejection…

    1. Hey Isobel, always glad to hear from you. I’m making a HUGE transition in my life right now. I’m changing directions career wise, I’m moving my entire family to another state and as exciting as it is… I’m terrified. I thought this post was necessary.

      Thanks for your comments ❤

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