What should I call myself now???

With my move to SC being imminent, I have officially changed my locations on my profiles to be Myrtle Beach, SC.  So now the question of the hour?  What the hell will I call this blog?  It’s Fun Philly for a reason, it was snappier than Fun chic in Philly.  So should I be FUN Panther for the Carolina Panters?  Maybe FUN Myrtle?  FP sounds like a coy way of calling myself a cougar and Fun Myrtle sounds like an old lady trying to get laid, lol.  Such hard decisions, lol.

Now in other news, school is kicking my scrawny ass.  I just celebrated my 35th Birthday Friday.  My ex bf sent a friend request to my FB page(not TV GUY, although he called) and wished me a happy day, I returned the favor today because he turned 37.  I looked at his pics and posts and see he is still the womanizing, drunken, pothead he was when I called it quits.  Although he was all those things, he was also funny, a great bike ride and well that’s it, lol.

I went out with Perry Saturday, rather in… did I mention a while ago he told me he loved me?  Yeah well he did.  Which doesn’t really amount to shit because he doesn’t really take an interest in me, I’m basically a 2 year biking buddy.  Of course he denies this but, really I find it quite annoying being as I hate ppl lying to me, be straight up, don’t play with that word.  I think it’s the reason I don’t really like to be told it or try not to tell other ppl, except my daughters.

Not much else to tell, will keep you posted, you can always chime in and tell me what I should rename this blog.  Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Later Days,



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