Miss me???

What have you missed, let’s see.  I am going cray cray in school.  Both my parents were in the hospital up until yesterday.  Now only my mother is, I have two papers due because my dumbass forgot about one of them and I didn’t print out the rewrite of another one.  I’m failing my Math class and oh did I mention I REALLY have no time for dating, sigh.  In other news… the move to SC has been moved back from the next two years to June 20th and I have yet to fill out the paperwork because I am terrified that (although I have never committed one) they will find a felony on my criminal background check, I know I’m cray cray too.  Then there is the fact that I can’t find my daughters’ birth Certificates even though I have kept them in their baby books for the last 15 years and the apartment wants a copy.  I’m losing it ppl and fast.

However there is a silverlining of sorts… there is this beautiful man in my ENG class.  Imagine Aladdin but the real life version.  He’s in my ENG class, I never noticed him before a few weeks ago, we had a break session to “flesh out” our papers .  Yes he’s younger (don’t judge) but he’s sexy as hell.  He thinks I am funny and smart (we know he doesn’t read this blog, lol).  He gave me his cell number and texts me periodically to “check” on me.  I would probably ask him out for drinks (not sure if he’s old enough – again, don’t judge) if it weren’t for the fact that I was moving to SC… OMG, why does the universe play with me so?  What am I supposed to do, get with this guy and then when I’m ready to move offer him a long distance relationship? (Yeah he diggs me too – and yes I said diggs) Or am I supposed to ask him to move with me? Yeah, I know, which is why I haven’t made any kind of moves and have kept it… casual.  Even though every ENG class, he smiles at me and walks up and brushes the hair from my crazed eyes or touches my shoulder and asks how I’m doing.  Even though everytime I see him I wanna kiss those soft looking lips, sigh.  I just say “Hi” back and fumble around in my bag like I’m still a girl fresh out of High School.  I know sad.  Hopefully, I will find his equivilent in SC.  Did I mention I have a pool at the new house?

Later Days and <3,



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