I think I will steal this idea…

I just began following a blog, it’s called 30 days of honesty.  I kind of dig that idea.  I lie during my everyday life to a lot of folks, mainly to those I love and care for the most… why?  Because honestly, I don’t think ppl really care to know the truth, they really don’t care how I’m doing – they want to hear “fine”, they don’t want to know I’m frightened by both my parents health and my future in SC, and they damn sure don’t really care how I’m doing in school.  So sorry guys, tag you’re it.  I think if I honestly (there is that word again) told ppl what I was thinking, they would 1) run away screaming, 2) run away crying, 3) their head would explode or        4) simply just run away. The only ppl I think I’m actually honest with are you guys and that’s probably because you don’t really know me, well actually, you guys know me better than the ppl in my RL.  So starting in May, I will be doing 31 days of Honesty, not to top chicky’s blog but because May has 31 days in it, lmao (You are forewarned).  So those of you who haven’t stopped reading me because of my lack of funny these days or because of my lack of dating or even because of my inactivity, you may want to skip next month.  I’m doing it for me more so than for you guys, so again, you have been warned.

Later Days,



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