Only in Philadelphia…

Top ten things Fun Philly will miss:

10) The way instinctively, when riding SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), you know where to go.

– Whether exiting or getting onto a bus/trolley/train, Philadelphians know where/how to get on and off.  You know which side of the stairs to walk on (left coming down, right going up) without the use of arrows.

9, 8, 7) The food, definitely the food.

– This is going to sound gross when speaking about food but, you can’t spit in any direction in Philly and not hit a carry out/ eat in restaurant.

– The chinese restaurants on every street.  There is some sort of Chinese restaurant on literally every street.  If you come to a street without one, no worries, one must have just closed down but another is on its way to take its place.

– Water Ice, Tastykakes and Cheese Steaks. You can NOT eat these items in any other city, period, end of story, moving on…

6) The Corner Bar.

– There is a bar on just about every corner, just like Chinese restaurants.  Every one you go to, if you visit more than 2 or 3 times, will make you feel like Norm from Cheers.

5) The Philly Bop, in this case, not the dance – which carries this same name.

– I’m talking about the way EVERY Philadelphian walks, whether male or female.  It’s actually a defense mechanism, lol.  The walk says, don’t mess with me, I have something in my purse/pocket that will straighten you right out if you try to hurt/rob/rape me.  I notice whenever I’m not in Philly it disappears, I walk more… Lady like, lol.

4) Frowning.

– This goes along with the bop, you don’t smile – EVER!  Smiling says “please rob/rape/hurt me.  I’m happy please make me sad or angry”.

3) Elevator Button Pusher.

– I have had a love/hate relationship with these folks for years.  Philly is a city of skyscrapers.  Most buildings in Center City are over 7 floors high.  When you get on an elevator there is always that one person that pushes the button about 7 times before the elevator door closes.  If you’re alone on an elevator, you become the Button Pusher.

2) Campus.

– Definitely my school.  I didn’t want to go to Community College of Philadelphia or CCP, initially but after being on campus this long, I have learned that it’s more intimate than a University, been there – done that, it’s more like a family.  The other thing is they have so many things to offer; family services (healthcare, childcare, work-study programs) to support groups, free tutoring and honestly I could go on forever.  I will miss my CCP.

AND #1

The food carts, my favorite thing for lunch is a hot sausage on a hot dog roll with everything on it and a Pepsi.  For breakfast, bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel and coffee.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Although I will miss that and many other things from the city of Brotherly Love, the city I have loved for 35 years… There is so much more I am looking forward to in SC.  There are no EXs there (well one but he doesn’t count) and then there are no ghosts from my past threatening to pop up and ruin my happiness.  There is the prospect of a new life and love.  I’m ready to go, I have been ready to go but Philadelphia, you will be missed 🙂

❤ u Philly

and Later Days,



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