um okay, waste my time…

I think I speak for the Hundreds of Thousands of online daters, when I say stop wasting my time, seriously.  Who is putting together these formulas for finding a mate?  A chimp or are they throwing bird seeds on a keyboard and letting a chicken just peck us up a match.  Everyone who reads my blog (now) can see I am a BLACK woman, correct?  So why on earth are you sending me matches of men who the first line in their profile says they aren’t interested in dating outside of their own race.  I’m not offended and I, personally, am like Jesse James with the Rainbow Coalition, I have and do date every race of man, yeah I know, it didn’t sound as slutty in my head but I digress.  As long as a man can support himself (sorry guys who still live at home – just don’t like sneaking bike rides), he treats me with respect, smells go and he’s good to me, he has a shot.  I have dated men who have weighed over 300 lbs and some that weighed less than 150.  I have dated men as tall as 6’9″ (I’m 5’4″) and as short as 5’5″.  Along with being in relationships with black men, I was in a relationship with two white men, one latin man and a couple of asian men (no smartasses, not all at once).  So I don’t care but some ppl do have a preference, does it make them racist, no!  No more than men who prefer blondes to brunettes and brunettes to red heads.  That’s just what they are comfortable with, so stop sending me the profiles of men who aren’t into black women.

That is all,

-The Management


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